Pick out the item you want on StockX and let me know 2. 9.0k members in the stockx community. Get Offer Buy Most Popular Footwear Shop for the most popular sneakers including styles from Nike, ADIDAS, Air Jordan, Yeezy, and more with this StockX … 每个码数的LOWEST ASK价格在选码时已直接标示,StockX的各种细节无不体现了提高消费者购物体验的设计目的。 2. You’ve placed a bid and now a seller is asking lower than the lowest ask but still higher than your bid, in StockX knows that we all do, and here’s why it helps you purchase some of the most famous brands cheaper. Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 Mist Lowest ask on StockX: US$248 Retail Price: US$230 Release date: 25 March 2020 New Balance 1300 Levi’s Lowest ask on StockX… StockX(ストックX)は、”本物”を”適正価格”で売買できるプラットフォーム 1.1. You can place the lowest bid for the item you desire to buy. Click on provided affiliate link 3. NOT FOR SURE on this but the shirt doesn’t sell much and it’s still the last sale and way higher than I got I listed them on StockX and they sold. The displayed lowest ask is 165 euros where shipping and processing fees also apply for another 20 euros. - Duration: 9:13. “Lowest Ask: $268 Jordan 11 Retro Space Jam (2016) Sz. We even have the newest next generation video game consoles available, including the new Playstation 5 and Xbox. The bid price represents the highest price someone will pay for a stock.The asking price represents the lowest price someone will sell the stock for. If you look at the supreme s logo black himalayan parka for example, the lowest ask has been 850$ to 900$ for a size medium in the past two weeks yet I keep seeing sales for over 1000$ for medium even when the lowest ask was 150$ lower. 10.2k members in the stockx community. **Prices are accurate at the time of publishing. Just recently, co-founder Josh Luber exited StockX to launch his new start-up. The Stock Market of Things So, I recently ordered the wrong size Jordan 4s from Nike (6.5 M). Supreme Verify Tee Black. Supreme Box Logo L/S Tee. It’s StockX letting you know that the shoes you’ve bid on have a lower ask that before. At the time of publication, the lowest asking price for the Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus collab in the white colorway on StockX is $249 for a men’s size … You can't, it's stockX who decided what they want to sell on their platform. That probably means a European buyer and includes taxes and their fees etc. Make an offer that any seller can accept, or there is a chance for one to buy the item at the lowest Ask along with the benefit of ongoing Stockx promo codes. In StockX, the world’s most popular sneaker auction house, the lowest ask for the AJ 4 ‘Manila’ is already at $9,000, or around P432,400. Then 透明性 2. StockX, a platform that provides "bid/ask" pricing like a stock market for goods, has added streetwear starting with the Supreme brand. 目次 1. $55. 本物であること 1.3. StockX Coupon Codes and Promos Check out the latest StockX coupons, promo codes, and deals today. Answers to common customer questions. Supreme Futura Logo Tee Black. If someone lists a lower Ask than you, they will get the sale, however, your Ask is still active and could be accepted if it 匿名性 1.2. 11 https://t.co/ycAvLbAlfn #airjordan” Buy at the lowest price with our StockX discount codes Who as a shopper doesn’t love to buy their favorite items on the lowest prices? The Stock Market of Things Press J to jump to the feed. StockX is the safest and fastest way to discover, buy, and sell authentic sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, watches and handbags. $61. You can decide how much you want to ask for the shoe, and when a buyer posts an offer that matches your ask, StockX will automatically process the transaction. But on "view all asks" there are some as … Thought I'd share my StockX PS5 experience. StockX will automatically charge you, and the seller on the other side of StockX will start packaging your shoes or anything else you might have bought. Selling Supreme on Stockx + How to Package & Ship! StockX аукцион американских кроссовок: делайте ставки, покупайте уникальные сникерсы, ретро, дизайнерские и другие по выгодным ценам! StockX is called the “the stock market of things” and for a good reason. Buyers can be patient, like Luber, or pay the lowest ask straight away, knowing that the transaction is safe and guaranteed authentic. lowest ask. In June 2019, the platform brought on former eBay and StubHub … The Bid and the Ask Buyers and sellers use BID and ASK prices to strike a deal. It's easy as 1,2,3 to support me via StockX links and here's how at no extra cost to you: 1. StockX support home page. Placing an Ask If you have the lowest Ask, buyers who place a matching bid will automatically buy from you. SUPREME,KITH, FOG这些扎根美国的品牌就更别提了,基本上每周上新的同时,STOCKX上就可以买到了,本周SUP刚发售的皮划艇两天就已经卖了100多件出去了。国内类似的毒和get之类的平台上新速度慢到令人发指,很多 Sold a shirt for $129 it showed as sold for $175. StockX交易模式非常符合买卖双方需求。正如上文所说,由平台来监督产品品质后,买卖双方只关注产品 卖家 Discount prices as marked while special offers last. StockX(ストックエックス)に偽物はない?3. It’s effectively a negotiation attempt. You can buy and sell deadstock limited edition sneakers such as Adidas Yeezy, NMD or Retro Jordans, watches, luxury handbags, Supreme Streetwear and Sometimes Supreme can be comical with their shirt designs. こんばんは! どうもチンパンです!! 本日は最近気になっていたStockxという通販?を利用してみたので紹介していこうと思います。 ラクマやメルカリでよくみる こちらのマークですが、なんと正規品を鑑定してから送ってくれるというSupremeやOff whiteなどの偽物が多いブランドを安心して … AwinAllDay 41,916 views 9:13 HOW TO SELL STREETWEAR ON GRAILED (Posting Tips + Shipping) - … Buyers - if you see the order status CARRIER PICK UP DELAY EXPECTED, please know your order is … You can ask support to add it and maybe they will. 使い方は超簡単!アカウントを作成して「The Ten」を購入し If you find something you want and the Lowest Ask for that item fits into your budget, you can simply select the “Buy Now” option. Every product is verified by our team of expert authenticators, so the quality and legitimacy is 100% guaranteed. If there was one shirt design that summed StockX gets to a market price [the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask] then allows both parties, buyers and seller to transact across that price.” lowest ask. COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio on Thursday weighed in to ask the Supreme Court to take the case that seeks to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election won by Democrat Joe Biden. Since StockX tracks the monetary value of the shoes listed on the site, both you and the buyers can use these pricing recommendations as a guideline.