Through your generous donations, we have developed a program called “Kit Up”. $8.99. Mezilesí 718/78 193 00 Prague Czech republic IČ: 61676357 VAT: CZ61676357 Phone: +420 281 923 909 Web: Discounted prices on hobby files, sanding sticks, polishing powder, polishing cloths, sanding sponge and pads, finishing abrasives, polishing compounds. 5.49. ... A set of 6 stainless steel chisel edged carving tools in a plastic wallet. Plus, you can make them with sandpaper that is much *finer* than a file; a 400 grit sanding stick is great for *just* breaking a corner on an otherwise very precise, angular project. FMS006 X2 5mm Coarse 100/180Skinny Sticks. I … The better option (IMHO) is the flory mini sanding and polishing mini sticks from the UK (pictured above), which are exactly the size you need for miniatures. Revell. 9.99. Flory models Sander starter pack FMS001. Highlights: * Provides a firm, flat base for custom sanding sticks. Due to its formulation, the primer applies easily with a brush or airbrush and creates a smooth and even surface for model paint color. and an ingenious variation on the theme. 1. ... 1 product rating - Squadron Products Sanding Stick: Fine Grit for Models & Miniatures (30503) $1.99. Same thing as squadron sticks but cheaper. Manufacturer: Squadron Model: 30506 Sanding Stick Value Pack Through generous donations collected at model contests and through individual donors such as yourselves, veterans are provided with packages containing plastic model kits of all scales and subject matter, sanding sticks, glues, trimmers, acrylic paints and brushes, and model magazines for inspiration. Flory model Coarse Skinny Sticks 12 pack FMS006. Free postage. ... Fine grade sanding sticks help you carefully remove high spots and polish surfaces smooth. * Easy to hold dimensions: 113 x 15mm (LxW). Buy It Now. check out a wonderful use for sanding sticks. In-box reviews. Brand. A variety of sanding blocks: Top left — An oak block with 1/16" neoprene on one side and 1/2" firm foam rubber on the other.. Top right — Four T-Bar sanders.. Bottom row from left to right. The Modelcraft Collection includes range of precision sanders designed and shaped for reaching into awkward areas as well as working on flat or contoured surfaces. Check around for fingernail sanding sticks. £3.36. ... 400/800 Grit Round Tip Sanding Stick w/Plastic Stem. At Premium Hobbies, we stock the full range of INFINI MODEL sanders. The sticks are spring-loaded and keep the sanding belts in place with tension. Needle files / sanding sticks; Pin chuck and drills; Flush Cutter. Whatever you choose for a filler, the idea is to fill the gap or imperfection and, once the material is in an optimal state, sand it smooth so the repair disappears underneath a coat of paint. It is already popular brand of sanding stick within the scale modelling community in Asia It is made using the world's best quality Japanese Sankyo's Fujistar sandpaper, so Infini's Zebra sanding sticks are also of excellent quality. Perfect for sanding hard to reach places. Unfortunately my local hobby shop doesn't store items like sanding sticks or pads, so I've been thinking about doing my own since handcrafting isn't new to me at all. Which are great sanding sticks but the size of them makes them more useful for scale models than miniatures. Many kits are labeled with “skill level” or degree of difficulty indicated on the box. The polishing stick has a grey side to eliminate stratches while the white side is used for polishing. I find it relaxing, and i try to take all the time needed to "delete" all the seam lines on my models. New Listing SQUADRON PRODUCTS SANDING STICKS SET (5) for model Sanding finish SQU 30506 NEW. None of our partner shops or mates has this currently for sale. Tools to give your models a smooth surface finish. Their stable design helps provide a great deal of precision and control. We provide troops stationed in Afghanistan with packages containing plastic model kits of all scales and subject matter, sanding sticks, glues, trimmers, blades, acrylic paints, brushes, and model building magazines.