Analyze Carlson's reason for and Candy's reasons against shooting Candy's dog . time period? Curley's wife is described as wearing too much makeup and dressing in a provocative manner. Crooks is the kind of guy that doesn't believe in dreams because he thinks they're crazy and when he hears of their dream about owning a ranch he says that during his life he has saw many people who haven't established their dream of owning land. This answer will tell us to which extent, is Curley's wife a victim, whether towards her flirtatious behaviour, or to everyone's representation of her. in what ways does lennie show he is confused and nervous, Lennie was talking to himself about what to do to keep George from finding out about the puppy. It gives a sense of empowerment to the ranch hands. This took place during the Great Depression, so it would be difficult to raise money for the farm. She doesn't like him because he doesn't treat her well nor let her talk to anyone. Answered by jack T #413890 on 1/4/2015 10:52 PM I mint to say : what is the nature of his attack what is crooks reaction to the dream of the farm. because they wouldve killed lenny anyways, why does slim treat george the was he does, Slim treats him in a very compassionate way. as he had just killed his best friend. However, her husband Curley sees her as only a possession. Because he is an African American with a disability (crooked back). "Prince of Ranch", everyone looks up to him, a mule driver. She is also not allowed to talk to anyone but her husband who spends all of this time in the fields, so she feels like she is living alone all her life. 2. Is her dream any more realistic than George and Lennie’s? Her dreams are even less practical than than George and Lennie. Candy can relate to his dogs mangy failing appearance as he can no longer fully use his arm. He is afraid that George will not let him tend the rabbits. How does she entice Lennie into touching her? This shows that the men actually have the items and materials necessary to look there best, how does the account of whiteys quitting contribute to the books mood of alienation. Yet Candy believes they can make it. what is it, The beginning were he and George talk about their dreams, what does this parallel reveal about georges motives, George feels at least partial ownership of Lennie's actions, and he knows that things are going to go rough on Lennie. Curley's wife's dream is to become a movie actress. The fact that they would never be able to stay in one place for too long because of Lennie's accidents & uncontrollable hands, give some examples of foreshadowing in this section, lennies stupidity will effect the two men later in the book, who greeted george and lennie at the bunk house, candy, an aging swamper who lost his right hand, obsessively clean, wears gloves all the time. Curley doesn’t seem to have any respect for his wife at all, Candy tells George (Steinbeck p30) why Curley wears only one glove on his hand which is soaked in Vaseline so it what is crooks reaction to the threats of curleys wife, what does curleys wife say is her husbands main topic of conversation, at the end of this chapter, what has candy to make george angry, what does the description of crooks room reveal about its ocupant, While he is a black stable buck, the dictionary, the bible, the lawbook and the glasses show that he can read and has self respect in that he wants to know his rights, and all his possessions show that he is more permanent than the other people on the ranch. He liked Curley's wife because he calls her good looking. whom did the boss punish bc george and lennie were late? what does the desciption of this fight suggest about the nature of violence. ", what motives does steinbeck suggest for her behavior. She knows she is pretty and uses that to her advantage by flirting, tempting and seducing. Curley’s wife is isolated, self absorbed and a dreamer. how do crooks words to lennie about loneliness reinforce the theme of this novel. She holds on … Curley’s wife is also disappointed because of her failed dream to become a movie star. In what ways is Curley’s wife also a dreamer? in what part of the country does the novel take place? Is her dream any more realistic than George and Lennie’s? follower, not smart, immature, inattentive, big, leader, precise, hardworking, educated, small, a bear bc he drags his feet the way a bear drags his paws, why were george and lennie run out of weed, Lennie touched a woman and she screamed rape even though Lennie did not rape her and everyone believed her, what things does lennie do and say that make him like a child, where does george tell lennie to hide if he gets introuble, how does steinbeck convey lennies animal like qualities, he desribes lennies attraction to animals and how he feels the need to touch them (ex mice and rabbits), why does steinbeck desceibe the actions of lennies hands, he is showing us how strong Lennie's hands are and how he doesn't know how to control his strength. The story of mice and men is a great story about a couple guys named George and Lennie. 3. 3. Though Curley's wife is a deeply unsympathetic character in many respects, the thwarting of her life's ambitions has a certain tragic quality to it. The Geography Of The Mulatta In Jean Toomer's Cane ', Explain The Relationship Between Curley's Wife A Dreamer In Of Mice And Men. In the passage the first words that Steinbeck uses are that “Both men glanced up,” and through this we are introduced to Curley’s wife through her effect on men and not through any notion of herself, which Steinbeck does to show us she is only worthy for the use of men. what qualities does the description of slim suggest. she is pretty but she looks at other men other than Curley. Curley's wife screams when he touches her hair and he won't let go. curley's wife is a very weird character. What is the true nature of his attack? In Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men, both Crooks and Curley's wife are marginalized. 4. Her and Lennie as he acts like a child and likes to feel soft things. Although Lennie doesn't initially fight back when Curley attacks him, once he responds, he easily overpowers Curley. She is defined by her role: Curley's wife or possession. what reaction does curleys wife give lennie for wanting to talk to him, he never gets to talk to anyone and that he gets very lonely, where does lennie go right after he kills curleys wife, why is candy so angry at what has happened, how is lennies treatment of the dead puppy typical of his character. how does this relate to the idea of responsibility? The ranch hands lose all respect for Curley because he bullies Lennie & fights him. Slim knew that if they killed Lennie, it would more merciful than letting anything else happen. Curley's wife is a dreamer and she is naieve. In what ways is Curley’s wife also a dreamer? They go to work the next morning…, to grow.” Huck and Jim of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men are both character pairs with strong friendships. John introduced us to a character called Curley's wife, she plays a complex and misfit character as she got so many different sides to her, as sometimes the reader feels sympathetic and unsympathetic about her.John Steinbeck's novel of Mice and Men is an example of how the reader's perception of a character can change without the character actually changing. He starts believing in dreams and goals. what comparisons does candy make between his own condition and his dogs? what is georges attitude towards lennie? is her dream any more realistic than george and lennies? Also she seeks for other men because she doesn't want to be the house, also known as discrimination. he is fed up with Lennie getting in trouble and always having to find a way to get him out of bad situations; he doesn't leave Lennie because he loves him deep down under all the aggravation, connection between lennies mouse and what happened in weed, in both situations, Lennie took it too far and would not let go of either the mouse's head or the girl's dress. To find a real job in town and to get a girl. The relationship Lennie and George have a great relationship, they’re like best friends. How does Curley’s wife feel about him? Steinbeck uses this charcter to illustrate many things. Carlson wanted to shoot Candy's dog because is was smelly, but mainly because it was old, toothless and overall in a miserable physical state, and Carlson wanted to put it out of it's misery. Part A) What methods does Steinbeck use to present Curley’s wife? In what way is Curley's wife also a dreamer? Curley’s wife is considered a dreamer because she doesn’t dream of owning land as much as George and Lennie, but she dreams of becoming a movie star in Hollywood. His wife never received the letter from the Hollywood guy. When Curley's wife asks Lennie why he likes rabbits so much , what is his response? Curley's wife notices that Lennie has a bunch of bruises on his face. They both freaked out and wanted to kill Lennie. This demonstrates the isolation of the migrant worker. how does lennie react to what he has done? does georges dream seem anymore realistic now? Curley is the son of the boss. Why is Curley’s wife never given a personal name? They both freaked out and wanted to kill Lennie. Its human nature. Later in the novel, he becomes deadly. 5. Curley’s wife is also a dreamer because she dreamed of Hollywood and becoming a star there. George and Candy call her by other names such as "jailbait" or "tart." The reason he repeats this is because that is what Lennie wants from him. how does slim react to lennie and george traveling together, He had never seen something like that b/c grown men usually didn't travel together, why do you think george told slim about what happened in weed, trusts him and wants him to be weary of lennie.