How do you use a blending shear? Now that the tops and sides are done, you are going to do the outline. Tapering with Scissors Tapered Cuts: Scissor over Comb Most people understand the basic terms in haircutting: blunt cuts, layering, clipper cuts, but some of the terms that are particular to tapering the hair can be deceptively simple-sounding.For instance: the term scissor-over-comb means just what it says, but it’s not as easy to do until you’ve had some practice. Often people like their hair about an Inch and a half to two inches long on top, but this can differ from person to person. Now you will do the same, except on the sides. The hair that is sticking up is the hair we are going to cut. You can achieve the same thing from home, so long as you know what you are doing. Shears- Also known as "scissors". With hair like that, you can see the cut blunt ends if you do it w/ scissors. The professionals use thinning scissors to achieve thinning. Use the scissors to get a clean line at the top of your mustache. Blend the two different hair lengths with scissors The next step to a perfect short haircut is to blend the two different hair lengths using scissors. Chris suggests using a wide-tooth comb and texturizing shears to point cut. * Cut off the hair that sticks past the comb with your scissors (in your cutting hand). Hair cuts are expensive so pushing a cut can save money. Cut as close as possible to the hairline without actually cutting into the hairline. Use a comb and clippers to blend the hair gradually. This will make the hair easier to work with and lines easier to see. Do this and then do it again, until there is a line of the desired length (shorter hair) going down the middle of the head. Clip all of the hair above the part on top of your head, and comb down the bottom section. Now that there is a guide down the entire middle portion of the head, stand behind the client again. How to Blend Back Lengths Q: I was wondering if you could show me a diagram that shows how to blend the back lengths of a long-layered (thick) hair cut to the sides/front. Updated On: September 28, 2017. Only use the ends of the scissors when cutting and always cut one small portion of hair at one time. It is used to remove weight and yes, blend the hair! How to Blend Hair with Clippers. When using this method, you may simply comb the hair out a parallel line to the head, run the clippers all the way of the comb and cut the hair even with the comb, at the length that you wanted. I have Wahl Sterling Mag. ... Lisenbe warns, because a blunt, straight-line chop is impossible to blend. It is better to go to low than too high because when we blend, we will just take out the access length. By: Tammi Clements. Continue all the way around the head. Hair cutting shears are ideal, but if all you have is kitchen scissors, for just a home, unprofessional haircut, they will work. This includes cutting sideburns, around the ears, and the neckline. "Never hold scissors horizontally, errors then may occur with an inexperienced hand." On the sides, the fingers should be perpendicular to the ground. Put your comb through and cut straight across the back. You have created your "guide". Most men use a #2 on their sides, but you can use any size that you want, as long as you choose one that you want your sides to be, and then one guard lower to blend with. Before scissor-cutting can commence, style your hair just like you would like it to be. He’s been letting the top of his hair grow for the last few weeks. This is setting you up for when you move back behind your client, you can make sure the length is the same all over. Because thinning scissors can damage hair when used incorrectly, you need to follow this guide. ... with ponytail holders. 2. Because of the difference in length between your natural hair and hair extensions, it is harder to blend together. Take the clippers and shave up to about 3/4 of the head, or just before the head begins to curve (The line in the photo). The act of cutting your own hair is typically drilled out of your senses in childhood. Many cut the hair with clippers when the hair is dry. Razoring that type of hair will make it lay better, style better, and grow out better. Eliminate blunt … The color of extensions chosen must perfectly blend with your natural hair. How to Use Hair Thinning Scissors at Home To Blend Shorter, Finer Hair: 1. Make sure the flat edge of your shear is on the bottom of your grip, and the teeth are on top. At the other end of the scale, a 7" scissor with 34 large teeth are designed to thin hair, the teeth and space are larger. Use a comb or a clip to draw a straight line from the bottom of one ear horizontally around the back your head to the other ear. Then, continue trimming at the back. Now you can do your own haircuts at home. It’s a type of hair texture that tangles very easily and needs a lot of hydration. This trims bushy looking edges and is more important the longer the hair is. I've sectioned off nice, clean sections. #1+#1+ #2. Trim a shorter way at the lower position of sides, especially, the sideburns and ears, by using the guard with a little number. Now, pick your hair with fingers that should be in parallel to your face. Go Around the ears carefully. However, scissor marks can be left on finer hair, if the scissor is not used correctly. Guards- I used a #1 and #2. Blend hair with clipper: Cut two sides in turn. You should have just cut a dip into the middle of the head. 3. This scissor is designed for blending work on finer hair. How to Blend a Lace Front Wig. The lower blade (the stationary blade) must be parallel to your comb. Do this all the way around the head. Bevel the hair on the edges of the bald spot by holding the clipper with the blade at an angle. Comb the hair back down onto the scalp to check that it is even. You can't really tell since my client is blonde, but his neckline is round. Today we are talking about blending shears! You'll just do smaller sections. Kinky hair is best approached with clippers because it is too difficult to comb and cut with scissors. You should have just cut the middle, right, and left, making the length of the hair all the same. [10] Clean up the hairline and neckline with trimmers. ... Cover your natural hair with a wig cap. It delivers a softer line that will blend better with sides of hair. JASON 6" Texturizing Hair Scissors, 23 Teeth Hair Texture Shears Professional Blending Hair Thinning Scissor for Barber, Hairdresser, Stylist, Women and Men, Japanese 440C Stainless Steel 4.5 out of 5 … Combs- You can use one comb if you prefer, I just personally prefer to have a blending come (the large one), but you can even blend with the smaller one. This is heresy, I know. Remember that short hair extensions blend perfectly with short hair. Trimmers- Yet again, doesn't matter what kind. By cutting the hair from the side of your client (as shown), you are now bringing your guide throughout the whole head. Now that your have your guide, stand at the side of your client and hold the hair as shown. Do this all the way back on both the left and the right sides. These are Wahl Magic Clip. Use a pair of clippers and styling scissors to cut a fade. Put the comb onto the side of the head (like the photo). If that is the case for you, you need to separate out the mustache hairs first with the help of your hand and then go in with the scissors. We hear from many stylists who are utilizing their blending shear to complete and entire haircut – especially on men and women with shorter hair. This will cut the hair, and blend the sides into the top. Also, comb the hair in the desired areas before beginning the cut. Put the comb onto the side of the head (like the photo). Match your fingers up to where you can cut the hair in your fingers to the same length as the front. “You only want to cut about 1/2 inch to 1 inch inside the hair,” Chris explains. In the photo, I'm taking off about 1/4 of an inch. When do you use a blending shear and when should you avoid using a blending shear? This is what we want to blend. I always worry that my sides and front are going to be too short when I bring them up to 180 with the back. The hair that is sticking up is the hair we are going to cut.