The scale insect will appear flat and round in shape and are very small in stature. Signs that your plant is affected by scale insects is leaf drop or yellowing leaves and white and yellowish spots on the leaves, stems or branches. Close. There are different varieties of scale but by far the most common is the brown soft scale (Coccus hesperidum L.). My Monstera Adasonii and Mini Monstera (I know the latter isn’t a monstera and rather a raphidaphora but still) both have brown spots with a yellow ring around them. Mother nature would have arranged for roots to occupy a little pot-shaped root ball directly under the plant's stem. Typically these are caused by a fungi that has colonized your leaves. ... As many issue come from the soil (whether the symptoms are on roots, stems or leaves), first make sure you have a well drained soil. Growing a Monstera plant does not require special treatment, but this plant does have problems with the plant leaves turning yellow or brown, as well as developing brown spots. Brown Spots on Monstera Plants. 4) Help! You will want to cut off the affected stems to prevent spreading. A number of leaf spot diseases may appear on your monstera. Brown spots developing on my new monstera deliciosa. Like spider mites, brown scales feed on … The adansonii has it on the cutting I just planted back into the soil, while the mini monstera has it on some lower leaves. They can be caused by a few different things. They are […] They’re so small they look like flat brown spots scattered under the leaves of your plant. Both alternaria leaf spot and septoria leaf spot are possible variations. Black or Brown spots can be a sign of too much direct sunlight that burns a monstera’s leaves. Fungal infections usually begin as a single brown spot, which then increase in number over time. The Monstera plant, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, is an attractive evergreen that grows large leaves with natural holes, hence the nickname. The second common pest that attacks indoor Monstera karstenianums is soft-bodied brown scales. Sometimes you can notice brown edges or brown spots on Swiss Cheese plant leaves. A brown spot on the leaf of your Monstera could be a sign of fungal or bacterial infection. Scale insects will mainly attack your monstera’s stem and leaf joints over its foliage. 5) Help! I think that your brown spots are due to the leaves that are turning brown are ones that are just weaker due to too much white pigmentation on that particular leaf. My Monstera Leaves Have Black and Brown Spots. Posted by 1 year ago. New Monstera leaf growing with brown spots! Mandy. This was scale. If left ignored, these spots start growing in size until they gradually join together and take the form of a large blotch on the Monstera’s leaf. Brown scales are stationary most of their short life. Archived. Upon closer inspection, I noticed brown nubs stuck to the woody stem and underside of leaves, closest to the central vein. 6. One of the causes and the most common one is overwatering. Photo Courtesy of Reddit. The best home for your Monstera is a place with bright, indirect sunlight. This can cause yellow or brown spotting, sometimes spreading slowly to cover much of the leaf’s surface. Brown spots developing on my new monstera deliciosa.