Add new page. The Kurast Sewers is a large dungeon with four entrances, two from the Kurast Bazaar and two from Upper Kurast. The Mouth Monster Physical description. The Clawed Pink Monster is a large, scary and mischievous phantom-like creature. Berk; Rogg; Boni; Drutt; The Thing Upstairs; All items (8) The path down to level 2 is guarded by Icehawk Riftwing, and a lever must be pulled in order to open the trap door down. The show has since become a cult favouriteand remains one of the most widely recognised family entertainment shows of t… Comments . Trap Door Monsters; The Mouth Monster. Despite the monster’s actual gender not being confirmed, it can only be assumed that it is a male. With trap doors in FFIV, I saw that with their 5000HP, if you left them with 1000 HP or less, they would then turn into a monster. (These include a blue thing, a spider and a skull). Check out our advanced tutorials and come play with us on our free server. Rog is a lumbering pink monster from The Trap Door. It is a minor character, who is only ever seen a couple of times throughout the entire series. Berk decides to give up the chase and sets off for home. The Mouth Monster appeared in Sniff That where it ate Boni, however, Berk smacked it with a rolling pin which got him out later on it ate The Eyeball Monster then Berk used it to unblock the drain. Popular pages. It has a slightly bigger role in Scunge (the season two premiere), in which it appears out of the trap door, waking Boni. They reappear in later episodes, but we'll never find out what, In Rogg's debut episode, Berk takes an unwilling Boni on a fishing trip outside the, The master's "prize vegetable," Thort is the largest of many weird plants in the castle, This obnoxious monster is invisible until some of Berk's cooking permanently stains, This monster looks like it may be related to Drutt's species and is actually driven off, When Berk finds an old book of spells, he can't resist reading one for fun, which ends, Here is where the series monsters begin to get wonderfully weird. The titular trapdoor is a big wooden trap door in the castle's lower floors leading to a massive underground cave system full of monsters. At least once an episode the trap door would open up and release a monster for Berk and his friends to deal with as it causes chaos around the castle. Does anything determine which monsters Trap Doors produce, or is it completely random? Need Help? The monster looks like a pile of rubbish and Berk picks a bit of it up thinking it could be suitable for his cooking creation. Register Start a Wiki. Watch more Cartoons here : Him Upstairs is asleep and so is Boni. Boni is a long-suffering, wise old skull and a friend of Berk in the British children's show, The Trap Door. The mushroom kicks him and Berk falls into the bog. Wooden trapdoors can also be smelted, smelting for 1 and a 1/2 operations. Trap Monsters are typically used as an emergency defense to stonewall an opponent ("Metal Reflect Slime" is particularly useful in this regard). When Berk addresses the creature, he refers to it as a “he”. Please tell me all the doors are not like this.Kain Highwind Trap Door, also known as TrapDoor or Assult Door, is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV. Monsters regularly emerge from trap door to make life difficult from for Berk, but he usually gets the better of them in the end. It startles Berk, just when he appears. The real fun begins when Berk tell you to open the Trap Door, or you step on a slippery stone and spring the Trap Door, will you see a monster? Berk must venture down the trap door to rescue Boni from gruesome monsters. Being a simple skull, Boni can't move without being carried, not that he usually feels inclined to go anywhere. He lives in the cellar of the castle along with Berk, tucked away in a hole in the wall.